Generator Repair in Murfreesboro, TN

When your home is fitted with a standby generator, you can feel confident. Your home will be ready for any emergencies, with you never needing to worry about losing power when you need it most. 

But what if your residential generator has taken damage or isn’t working correctly? What if the time comes for it to kick in, and you’ve realized that it isn’t offering your home the right amount of power? In times like these, you need a generator repair company that you can trust.

Quality Electric Service is the electrical company dedicated to the most crucial part of electrical repairs — quality! Whether you’re looking for whole-home generator maintenance or an emergency repair for your backup electrical equipment, our technicians are ready and eager to help. 

If you’re searching for whole-home generator repair in Murfreesboro, TN, you can count on us to swoop in and handle your repairs at any time.

Common Generator Issues

Like any machine, generators will end up breaking down at one point or another. But generator problems aren’t always as apparent as turning it on and having it just stop working.

Certain signs might indicate that it’s time to call in a professional for a consultation. Our team of electricians at Quality Electric Service fix all these common issues, so if you find yourself noticing one or more of these problems, call us today!

Strange Noises

When it comes time to turn your generator on, the last thing you should be hearing is some obnoxious clanging or banging noise. 

Loud or unexpected noise could mean that a part is severely damaged or not in place. We suggest that you don’t operate generators with this problem, and call a professional for a generator repair near you right away!

Lack of Power

Of all of the things you should expect from your generator, the most important is the right amount of power when you need it. As long as your generator was installed correctly, there’s usually no good reason it shouldn’t be able to power your home. 

So if you find that it isn’t meeting your power needs, call us, and we’ll be able to determine a fix or possible replacement for your generator.


Should you detect leaking, have a qualified electrician inspect your generator and determine a fix, even if it seems like it’s moisture and not a fuel leakage. If you end up finding anything leaking from your generator, that’s a very good indicator that there is some significant damage. 

Any oil or coolant leaks could signal that a hose has been cracked, and you should have your unit serviced right away to avoid any more leaking or other complications.

Slow Response Time

Your generator should spring into action and power your home the instant you turn it on. If your generator takes too much time to activate, it could signify that you have worn down parts that need repair or replacement. A maintenance visit can help diagnose and fix your generator’s slow response time.

Common Causes of Generator Problems

For the most part, your whole home generator is built to withstand the test of time. But without proper maintenance and care, you can run into issues that can turn into costly repairs. Some of the more common malfunctions that Murfreesboro, TN, homeowners might run into include:

  • A dead battery
  • Old oil or coolant
  • Worn-out or damaged belts
  • Old or unserviced equipment

Your first line of defense for your generator should be an annual maintenance appointment. Our team of electricians can help with both repairs and maintenance visits. When you schedule your appointment, we can help check for problems like those above and offer a plan to prevent any further damage to your system. 

Generator Repairs and Services

Your generator is an integral part of your home’s security, and you don’t want to entrust a repair to just any electrical company. 

Botched repairs or shoddy maintenance can leave you with even more expensive repairs down the line, which is why we always recommend you work with experienced and licensed contractors who understand the ins and outs of whole-home generators.

Quality Electric Service offers whole-home generator repair near Murfreesboro, TN, that you can trust. 

When you’re working with us, you’re getting the expertise of industry professionals who have dedicated their days to understanding all kinds of home generator systems. Our team can help with generator repairs and maintenance for backup electrical systems like:

  • Whole-home generators
  • Natural gas generators
  • Propane generators
  • Standby generators
  • On-demand generators

No matter if you’re having a minor hiccup with your generator or a major meltdown, our talented electricians have the experience you can rely on to solve any problem. 

Schedule Your Whole Home Generator Repair Service

We believe in the power of quality service so much it’s in the name! So if you’re on the hunt for a quality generator repair in Murfreesboro, TN, Quality Electric Service has you covered. 

Our team is experienced in all sorts of backup generators and can get your home feeling safe and secure with our maintenance, repair, or installation services. Call our technicians today to learn more and schedule your repair!