Electrician in Woodbury, TN

Countless items in the home run off electricity today. When there is a problem with any component in the electrical system, you need help right away. Contact us at Quality Electric and we’ll send an electrician in Woodbury, TN out to help you resolve the problem quickly. We offer a range of electrical services designed to meet your needs. 

Electrical Services Available in Woodbury, TN

Our team has been serving the residents of Tennessee for over five decades now. Feel confident allowing us into your home, as we maintain strict hiring standards. If we won’t allow them into our homes, they won’t come into yours. 

In addition, our employees undergo extensive customer service training, which means you get the best service for your home electrical repair. Our local electrician in Woodbury, TN will diagnose your problem, offer a solution, and complete the work so your electrical system works properly once again. We offer the following electrical services. 

Electrical Repairs Completed by a Licensed Electrician in Woodbury, TN

Electrical work is challenging. One mistake can have severe consequences. When you need an electrician near Woodbury, TN, call us at (615) 896-1316. We’ll get a licensed and professional residential electrician out to your home as soon as possible to resolve the problem you are experiencing. They handle everything from a dead outlet to complete rewiring of the home. 

Electrical Panel Repairs and Upgrades

A home cannot function without an electrical panel, as this device controls the flow of electricity to the home. When this panel malfunctions, problems spread throughout the home. Prompt action prevents a complete loss of power to the home. Inspect this panel regularly and call an electrician near you if any problems are seen. 

Outlet Repairs and Replacement 

Damaged and outdated outlets should be repaired or replaced immediately. Many outlets are two-prong and cannot handle the load placed on them by modern electronics. This could put the home at risk of an electrical issue. 

If you notice a burning smell from an outlet or see scorch marks, call us right away. The same holds when smoke comes from an outlet or you see sparks when plugging something in. Our repairman will examine the outlet and see if they can repair it or if a replacement makes more sense. 

Rewiring the Home and New Home Wiring with the Help of an Electrician in Woodbury, TN

Rewiring the home is an extensive project, one a homeowner wants to avoid. However, improperly installed wiring or damaged and outdated wiring leads to the need to have this project completed. Our company handles wiring and rewiring projects of any size, so you have peace of mind with the electrical system in the home. 

In fact, another electrical contractor may turn down a new home wiring, but not us. We love to complete these projects for customers and will lay every inch of wire perfectly. This ensures your new home is ready for occupancy. 

Swimming Pool Wiring

Many people today choose to install a pool on their property. If you plan to complete this project, call us. We will handle the swimming pool wiring, so you can enjoy your new backyard feature. 

Electrical Installation

You need the right knowledge and tools to complete electrical installations correctly. Our team has the equipment, experience, and training to do the job right. Call us for the following installation projects. 

Ceiling Fan Installation

We love to install ceiling fans, as we know the benefits that come with this project. Choose a fan you love and let us know. We’ll come to your home at a time that is convenient for you. 

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Installations

With the help of Quality Electric Service, you can have complete control over the lighting throughout your home. We install recessed lights, dimmer lights, LEDs, chandeliers, and more.  Don’t overlook the exterior of the home when installing or upgrading residential lighting. Contact us to set up your security lights, landscape fixtures, or pathway lights. 

Generator Installation

Ensure your electrical devices continue operating if the power goes out. Contact us, and we’ll help you find the right generator for your home. With our help, you’ll never be in the dark. 

Whole Home Surge Protection

Consider investing in a whole home surge protector to safeguard your sensitive electronics. This device connects to the electrical panel to protect all devices in the home. 

EV Chargers

Electric vehicles continue to increase in popularity. Enjoy your new ride fully with the help of a dedicated charger in the home. Our team will install this charger, so you get the greatest range from your electric vehicle. 

Electrical Troubleshooting and Inspections

When something goes wrong with the electrical system in the home, you need help to determine the problem. Call our team and they’ll diagnose the issue for you. 

In addition, we offer electrical inspections, so problems can be caught early before they escalate. Call and get on the schedule for an inspection, so you have peace of mind knowing the electrical system is working as it should. 

Electrical Service Upgrades

We can upgrade your current electrical service if it isn’t meeting your needs. This includes your service mast and electrical meter. Contact us today to learn more about these services. 

Never settle for less than the best. Choose Quality Electric Services for your residential electrical tasks and have peace of mind knowing your system works properly. Schedule an appointment today. We cannot wait to help you with your electrical needs.