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Today’s homeowners rely on electricity for just about everything, from charging their devices to cooking and cleaning. When something goes wrong with the electricity in the home, an electrician in Lebanon, TN, is needed to get it working again. At Quality Electric Service, we offer a variety of electrical services to make sure you don’t have to worry about the electrical system in your home. 

Electrical Repairs

Any issues with the electricity in the home can be dangerous, so fast electrical repair is a good idea. We can handle any electrical issues in your home and make sure they’re fixed fast. We’ll send a repairman to your home as quickly as possible to inspect the fixture or component, diagnose the issue, and repair it. We’ll make sure the repair is done right, allowing you to use the electrical system again without risk. 

Electrical Panel Repair and Upgrade

The electricity in the home comes in and is directed to where it goes through the electrical panel. When something goes wrong with the panel, it can cause issues throughout the house or lead to surges, shocks, or the risk of a fire. It is important to have an electrical contractor take a look at the panel as soon as any issues are noticed so it can be repaired or upgraded.

Outlet and Switch Repair and Installation

Outlets and switches are used throughout the home, and when they’re not working right, they need to be fixed quickly. A residential electrician from our company can repair or replace any outlets and switches that have stopped working or that don’t work properly anymore. We can also install new outlets and switches as needed to keep your house running. 

Rewiring and New Home Wiring

If the wiring in the home is older, it may need to be replaced to help prevent issues and keep the home safe. An electrician near Lebanon, TN, can help with rewiring all or part of the home, depending on your needs. We can also help with installing wiring in new builds or in any additions to your home to make sure you have everything necessary for your electrical system. 

Swimming Pool Wiring

Water and electricity don’t mix, but pools do require electricity for various components like lighting. When any repairs or installations are needed for the swimming pool, always have the work done by a trusted electrician near you. We can help with any issues you might have or install new electrical components as needed for your pool. 

Electrical Installation

New electrical installations may be needed. A local licensed professional can handle any electrical installations that you need in your home, including the following. 

  • Ceiling fan
  • Indoor lighting, LEDs, chandeliers
  • Outdoor light
  • Generators

Whole Home Surge Protection

Minor surges happen inside your home daily that can add to the wear and tear on electronic devices. Along with that, there is always the potential for larger surges that can damage or destroy electronics. If you’re worried about the electronics in your home or would like to avoid using so many power strips, we can send an electrical contractor to install whole-home surge protection in your house. 

EV Chargers

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular today. Though they can be charged on a standard outlet, this isn’t ideal since it is slow. Instead, if you’ve purchased an EV or you’re thinking about it, now’s a great time to have an EV charger installed. We offer a variety of options to meet your needs and budget and can get the installation done fast so you can start charging your car right away. 

Electrical Troubleshooting and Inspection

When something goes wrong, it can be difficult to figure out the root cause. Electrical problems can be more complex than they seem, and it may be challenging to figure out why something is happening. Our team can figure out what is going on to cause the problem, then perform a home electrical repair to get everything working once again. 

Electrical Service Upgrade

If there isn’t enough power to the home, there may be some solutions available. Our team can take a look at how the electrical system is set up now and provide suggestions that can help. We can upgrade the following to provide more power. 

  • electrical meter
  • service mast

Electricity is a must, but it can be dangerous when something goes wrong. If you’re in need of electrical repairs, ready to upgrade electrical components in your home, or need any other electrical services, we can help. Call Quality Electric Service now to schedule an appointment. 

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