When securing your home’s electrical system, the circuit breaker panel is the best place to start. Home Owner’s insurance requires the replacement of circuit breaker panels every twenty years. After that time it can become a hazard to your home if not replaced, so let one of our technicians at Quality Electric take a look and find out if your circuit breaker panel might need replacing.

Is Your Circuit Breaker Panel Old or Out of Date?

If you have a circuit breaker that is old or outdated, it won’t be able to stop power surges or circuit shortages. Old circuit breakers can’t keep up with the demands of modern appliances. If running two appliances trips the breaker and if you detect a burning smell coming from the circuit breaker panel, these are indicators of a big problem.

Two of the most common outdated circuit breaker panels are Zinsco and Federal Pacific Electrical panels. Neither can manage the electrical demands of today’s modern appliances and could lead to a dangerous situation should they overheat or spark, which could potentially cause a fire.

Does Your Circuit Breaker Panel Need an Upgrade?

If you have an old or outdated circuit breaker that is unable to handle the demands of home, consider an upgrade. Let one of our professional electricians at Quality Electric determine if the circuit breakers in your home need an update to keep up with your modern appliances.

Meter Panel Box Inspection and Upgrades

Electrical meter panel boxes are typically inspected or replaced when remodeling or renovating a home. If your home is in need of electrical upgrades, we can change the electrical supply of your home by updating the meter panel box. Our professional and licensed technicians will provide meter panel box installation that is safe and operates at maximum efficiency.

Call Quality Electric today at 615-896-1316 and let one of our licensed electricians assist with your electrical panel and circuit breaker installation.