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Quality Electric Service, a family-owned and operated company, provides detail-oriented service with the help of friendly technicians. Our professional, licensed, and insured electricians have been serving homeowners in the area since 1972. People know they can count on us treating their home as if it is our own. 

When to Call an Electrician in Spring Hill, TN?

Homeowners often wonder if they should bother an electrician for a small project. What appears to be a simple repair or installation, however, can quickly become a major project. Always work with an electrician, as they know what to do if the project has a bigger scope than initially anticipated. 

Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs encompass many things. This can be something as minor as installing a new outlet, or it could involve rewiring the entire home. Regardless of what is needed, Quality Electric Service is here to help. We will send a licensed, professional repairman out to the home to diagnose the problem and come up with a workable solution. 

Electrical Panel Repair and Upgrade

The electrical panel in the home controls the flow of electricity into the residence and distributes this electricity to different areas. Any problems with this panel must be corrected immediately, as the home could be at risk if they aren’t. Many homeowners find they need to upgrade this demand to meet the electrical demands of today’s technology. 

Outlet and Switch Repair and Installation

When a person thinks of a home electrical repair that they can tackle on their own, outlet or switch repair may come to mind. However, this task is best left to an electrical contractor, as the homeowner cannot know what is going on behind the wall. The residential electrician will resolve the issue with the outlet or switch and determine if there are any other problems that need to be addressed. They can also handle outlet and switch installation. 

Rewiring and New Home Wiring

New home wiring comes with a high price tag, but a homeowner should always work with an electrical contractor for this job. They know how to run the wires and arrange them to decrease the need for an electrical repair in the future. 

Rewiring is another task that should be left to an electrician in Spring Hill.. This job involves demolition work and more, which is why a homeowner shouldn’t try to take it on. They save time and money by working with a licensed contractor. 

Swimming Pool Wiring

Call a local electrician near you for help with swimming pool wiring. They ensure the wiring is safe for use around water. This may involve the installation of GFCI outlets and other safety features, and the electrician near Spring Hill, TN determines what is required. 

Electrical Installations

At times, a homeowner needs an electrician to handle the installation of various items in the home. Quality Electric Service technicians handle ceiling fan and other indoor lighting installations. This may include the installation of LEDs or chandeliers. They also take on outdoor lighting projects and generator installation as part of the electrical services offered. 

Whole Home Surge Protection

Unexpected power surges damage electronics in the home. Prevent this from happening by investing in whole home surge protection. This device connects to the electrical panel to prevent this type of damage. It can handle everything from small power surges throughout the day to a lightning strike that could knock out multiple electronics in the home. 

EV Chargers

Many people today choose to upgrade to an electric vehicle. Doing so offers many benefits. However, to get the most out of this vehicle, they need a dedicated EV charger in the home. Contact us to have this charger installed. 

Electrical Troubleshooting and Inspection

People often ignore their electrical system until they have a problem with it. Why wait until a problem arises to call for troubleshooting? Have the electrical system inspected every few years to keep it operating optimally. This inspection allows problems to be detected early and reduces the need for troubleshooting. 

Electrical Service Upgrade

Electrical service upgrades are among the many services we offer today. We address problems with the electrical meter or help a homeowner replace a service mast. Without this panel and service mast, the home won’t have electricity. Our electricians can repair, upgrade, or replace the panel and work on the lines that transfer electricity from the utility provider to the home. 

When You Need a Quality Electrician in Spring Hill, TN, Call Us

When you need an electrician in Spring Hill, TN, call us. Our team of qualified electricians will visit the home, determine the problem, and provide a solution. We offer a range of electrical services to meet the needs of our clients, so reach out today. 

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