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Many homeowners seek the help of licensed electrical professionals when they are experiencing serious electrical problems or safety hazards. Electricians are skilled in a wide variety of systems and are familiar with the electrical safety regulations and building codes in the local area. Using the services of an electrical specialist can help you mitigate risks and improve the function of your home. 

Common Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs are most commonly caused by tricking breakers, lighting shorts, and faulty outlets. Because of these problems, families experience inconvenience and an increase in electrical risks. Contact an electrician in Franklin, TN for assistance with these obvious electrical issues. 

Electrical Panel Repair and Upgrade

Tripping breakers and overloaded circuits require home electrical repair. An electrician inspects the electrical panel and determines whether repairs or replacements are necessary to solve the issue. In addition, all electrical panels must comply with electrical codes and electrical safety regulations. 

Outlet Repair and Replacement

The outlets in the home provide power to appliances and electronics. When they cannot perform as expected, an electrician near Franklin TN performs repairs. Providing outlets specifically designed for charging smartphones can also help families get more from their electrical system. 

Rewiring Electrical Systems

Because of age, property damage, and pest infestations in the walls, wiring systems become damaged and frayed. An electrician near you can provide fast rewiring services so the damage is repaired and power is restored to all areas of the house. 

New Home Wiring

An electrical rewiring project requires knowledge of the property layout and common electrical problems. A contractor will open up all walls and floors where the electric wiring runs. The electricians know how to run the wires and connect them to the breaker box in a safe manner. During the installation of the new wiring system, an electrician ensures the wiring meets all current building codes and electrical safety regulations. 

Electrical Installation

After years of use, the customer needs new electrical installations to upgrade the design and improve the function of the home. Upgraded lighting in the kitchen is a popular choice for major changes and for adding value to a home. Many property owners choose centralized or recessed lighting for their living spaces. Get local electrical services by scheduling a kitchen lighting renovation.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting electrical problems is one duty of a residential electrician. An electrician performs tests to find the source of the problem after the customer explains the signs. Most electrical problems originate at the breaker box or at a nearby outlet or switch. The purpose of troubleshooting services is to find issues quickly and to mitigate electrical risks for families.


Generators are excellent sources of backup energy. An electrical contractor provides clients with a full catalog of these products to meet their needs. As an example, gas-powered generators are ideal for short-term power outages and require the help of an electrician to installed. 

It is also possible to operate a generator on solar power, but the homeowner must install solar panels and batteries to capture the solar energy. The advice of electrical professionals can help customers determine which generator will meet their power requirements.

Ceiling Fan Installation

A licensed electrical professional can provide sound advice regarding the installation of ceiling fans. During the summer, ceiling fans push heat toward the ceiling and circulate cool air. During the winter, the fans push warm air back into the living space. The manufacturers may include a beautiful light fixture in each of these electrical installations, which adds to the aesthetic appeal of the room and provides adequate lighting. Get in touch with a local electrical company if you would like to learn more about ceiling fans.

Indoor Lighting Installation

Lighting concepts can transform living spaces and improve the lighting of problem areas. There are some lights that are unique and direct the attention of guests to the artwork in the home. A dimmer switch is available in the theater room lighting so owners can control the lights while watching a movie as a family. Contact an electrician to learn more about aesthetically pleasing and beneficial light fixtures.

Electrical Inspections

An annual electrical inspection uncovers problems before they become major headaches for homeowners. It is common for electricians to provide these services for free or for a minimal fee. The benefits of these services are astounding. To schedule an electrical inspection, contact an experienced repairman.

Many homeowners face electrical problems that are more than just headaches. Some issues can become a nightmare and place the entire family at risk. To restore power and install unique fixtures, electricians perform several services. For comprehensive electrical services, contact Quality Electrical Services.

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