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Few things are as important to home life as a stable, reliable electrical system. If your home’s wiring is defective or you need other electrical services, we’re here to help. Whether it’s a complete rewiring, an inspection, or a home electrical repair, we’ll do the job right the first time. Call or click to schedule a visit from an electrician in Antioch TN.

Emergency Repairs and Electrical Services

Issues with home electrical systems can damage sensitive equipment, create a fire hazard, and pose a greater risk of shock. In the simplest terms, it’s too dangerous for homeowners to do the job on their own. Call a residential electrician and keep your home and family safe.

With our extensive training, our years of local experience, and our state-of-the-art techniques, we know just what it takes to offer the safest electrical repairs in Tennessee. We’re there when homeowners need us most, and that’s why we offer emergency electrical repair services. Whether it’s a sparking outlet or a faulty panel, you can count on an electrician near you to provide timely and professional service.

Whole-House Surge Protection

A sudden voltage spike may damage a Tennessee home and all the TVs, appliances, and electronics within. These issues often arise during lightning storms, but inadequate electrical supplies and blown transformers also play a role. Furthermore, any device with an electrical motor can cause a power surge—even your HVAC unit or refrigerator. An electrician in Antioch TN can offer whole-home surge protector installation services that protect your home and every device in it.

Reliable Electrical Upgrades

These days, families everywhere are looking for ways to cut energy consumption and save money, but the process of going green can be an overwhelming and confusing one. For homeowners who want to do it right, the best thing to do is to call an electrician in Antioch TN. From installing energy-efficient home appliances to upgrading lighting, our team will help you set achievable, realistic goals that fit your lifestyle and budget.

Standby Generators

All the modern appliances and fixtures in your Tennessee home will be useless during an outage. That’s why our team is proud to carry, install, and service most brands of whole-home or standby generators. From power grid instability to storms and high winds, generator installations by licensed electricians offer convenience, comfort, and reassurance.

For all your home electrical needs, you can rely on the time-tested expertise and superior customer service provided by the team at Quality Electric Service. Contact us for additional information or call to schedule an appointment or an estimate.

Electrical Installation and Maintenance

When remodeling or building a home, it’s tempting for owners to take matters into their own hands. A minor mistake, however, may not just be costly—it can be dangerous. Our licensed electrical company has the expertise and knowledge to find and fix problems efficiently and effectively. We also offer benefits such as:

  • A thorough inspection that determines the nature of the issue
  • Cost-effective services
  • Advice and recommendations on potential value-enhancing upgrades
  • A decreased risk of injuries related to DIY electrical repairs
  • Experienced, professional technicians who do the job right

Contact us to learn how our team can help you maintain the integrity, safety, and code compliance of important electrical repairs. We’re here to help the area’s homeowners keep themselves and their property safe, so call today.

Work With Quality Electric Service for All Your Home Repair Needs

When homeowners call an electrician in Antioch TN, they get more than a repairman; they get the benefit of our years of industry experience. We offer Antioch’s highest quality services at competitive, affordable prices so owners can keep their homes functioning throughout the year. With our comprehensive approach, we’ll meet all your electrical needs.

Quality Electric Service is an Antioch electrical company that homeowners can count on. We’re locally owned and operated, and our entire team has dedicated itself to customer service and satisfaction. We treat every customer like a family member, so you’re sure to get the care and attention you deserve.

Don’t leave your family and home’s safety to chance, and don’t try to do the job yourself. Our electricians are ready to help with all your service requirements, and we’re always a call or a click away. Contact us by phone or email to learn how we can help or get in touch with us for an estimate.

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