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Safety Inspection and Code Correction

Electrical Safety Inspections & Code Correction in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Having an annual full-home electrical inspection performed on your home is necessary to ensure the safety of your home and loved ones. Proper safety inspection and making sure your electrical equipment is all up to code is one of the primary ways you can help prevent electrical emergencies, including a house fire. While you might consider skipping out with the idea of saving, when you consider the potential risk it’s really much too dangerous to take a chance. Have this regular service done annually and rest easy that your equipment is safe and up to code and your home is protected.

Code Violations & Corrections

Having a code inspection done on your home can help identify potential safety issues or code violations in your current electrical system. Potential hazards our technicians look for include aged wiring, outlets and switches, which can all be dangerous to your home, along with faulty or failing circuit breakers or GFCI outlets.

Our skilled and professional electricians perform a code inspection to identify any potential hazards and to repair them, ensuring your home adheres to current electrical code. If our electricians do discover signs that point to possible future repairs, we will give you the option of fixing the problem now before it becomes a dangerous problem later.

Our Code Inspection Covers:

  • NEC Updates and Revisions
  • Home Electrical Safety
  • Electrical Panel Safety
  • Age and Wear for all Devices and Wiring
  • Evaluation for Needed Repairs

It may seem easier to go ahead and do the electrical work on your own, but it’s actually really easy to make a serious mistake that either violates current electrical code or can become a serious or dangerous problem in the future. Common mistakes include mixing line and low-voltage wires, not using a splice box when installing a new light fixture, outing HVAC ducts too close to carbon-monoxide and smoke detectors, damaging the jacket of non-metallic sheathed cable, and overcrowding holes with too many wires. At Quality Electric we offer full-home electrical code inspections to help identify possible code violations in your home. Call Quality Electric today at 615-896-1316.

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